Head Chef  at the Nursing home Les Trois Sapins  (CH), Sven Walker treats the residents everyday with good looking and delicious plates! Thank you and your team for your commitment and motivation!

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Berliner with Easy-Base


Saveloy Salad with Easy-BaseSaveloy Salad







Fruits with Easy-Base Fruits


Melon and Ham 





Mise en place






Pascal Gauthier, Chef at the Restaurant Le Jorat, works with Easy-Base+© on demand of his customers since 2018. 

Gourmet cuisine and beautiful plates !

We thank him for his motivation and amazing achievement!

Deer escalope with Easy-BaseDeer escalope and hunting garnish 

Pineapple tomato with Easy-BasePineapple tomato, mozzarela mousse and basil 

Porc chop with Easy-BasePorc chop and vegetables 







In the Valais, several communes and their respective homes – the Adonis of Charrat, the Soeurs Louise Bron of Fully, the Flowers of Vine of Leytron and the Collombeyres of Saillon – trust Chef Sebastien Turrian and his brigade for the meals of their residents.

In a responsible and ethical approach, inclusive of everyone, the kitchen team prepares daily dishes with adapted textures, highlighting the colors, renewing the flavors and respecting the preferences of all.

At the Medical Center of Sugits in the Canton of Neuchâtel, Chef Christophe Tschäppat and his team work for the pleasure of their residents … and it works!

Starter with Easy-Base

Carrots, ham, cheese and potatoes