AGEFI, 23rd, October 2019

Eight Swiss Projects on the podium of MassChallenge

In addition to its founders, the company has three employees in Switzerland and two in Spain where the young firm has a subsidiary, based in Bilbao, since January 2019. “We are located in three countries – Switzerland, Spain and France – for about 150 medical and social structures and hospitals. We intend to invest in other markets such as those of Italy, the United States and the United Kingdom.

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AGEFI, 10th, Octobre 2019

Discover the 12 start-up finalists of MassChallenge 2019

This year, 76 start-ups of 12 different countries spread on four continents took part to the acceleration program of 4 months (…) 

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Kombini, 6th of May, 2019

In pictures: discover what we will eat in Switzerland in 2029

The purpose of this meal is not to impose typical dishes but rather to present what we will have to eat and in what form if our consumer society continues in 10 years.

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24 Heures29 juin 2018

Restore hunger to all those who can no longer chew

“We really wanted to offer a product that can fit anyone’s need and allows cooks to let creativity speak for themselves.” 

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Le Temps,12 mars 2018

Vaudoises start-ups meet emerging countries 

The trip to Mexico with Vaud companies has helped to awaken start-ups to the specificities and challenges of South America, particularly in areas such as pollution, nutrition, medicine or banking system” says Didier Schwarz, entrepreneur and advisor at Innovaud, the innovation agency of the canton of Vaud.” 

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Migros Magazine, 21 septembre 2017 

“Chef Gabriel Serero, together with his associate Julien Lerouxel, has launched an innovative gel, which re-forms pureed foods while preserving their flavor. Their invention represents a revolution in the diet of people suffering from dysphagia. (…) Additional advantages of Easy-Base: the consistency obtained is both melting, which makes it possible to taste the food simply by crushing it with the tongue against the palate, and firm, so that people limited in their movements can grasp it between the fingers and it can also be warmed, without it changing anything to its texture or taste.”

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L’Illustré, février 2017 

«”With this preparation, motivated chefs are allowed to cook dishes with an adapted texture, worthy and creative, retaining color and taste, for people who could not or only wanted to eat porridge (…) For us, It is really important that these people can find the pleasure of eating dishes that have always been part of their diet. It is a form of dignity and comfort”

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Mensuel des maisons de retraite, février 2016

«Relying on the faculties of the residents, serving them a well-presented plate, in an adapted environment, according to thoughtful and coordinated practices is a way of taking care while concretely addressing benevolence.” 

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« a 100% vegetable binding texture agent that makes it possible to transform any food into a suitable texture, for guests whose chewing and / or swallowing faculties are altered”.

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senior-actuSenior Actu, 6 août 2015

«opposite to popular belief, seniors need as much nutrition as an asset. Awareness-raising on this subject must continue” 

Full article, 5 août 2015

While working in the nutrition sector, it is important to be in tune with those needing assistance. Their expectations are diverse and specific according to their background, particularly cultural. (…) Those in food service and nurturing assistance must interact and go with the flow; but this is especially true for the resident himself, who knows best what motivates him and makes eating enjoyable.

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Bourse Charles Foix, 30 décembre 2014charles-foixPopulaire-du-Centre-Charles-Foix

«People with chewing and swallowing problems are not condemned to eating purees with indefinable flavor and suspicious color”



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cuisine-collectiveCuisine Collective, mai 2014

«We train cooks to serve a plate with careful presentation, flavors and measured nutritional intakes”

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hotel-revueHotel Revue, 29 octobre 2009

«From a gustatory point of view, the elderly are delighted to be able to taste again flavors that they no longer had access to and which trigger their memory through taste. The medical staff observed an increase of appetite. They find  that it also motivates kitchen staff to develop new recipes”

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senior-actuSenior Actu, 28 octobre 2009

«From a gustatory point of view, it seems that the elderly are delighted to be able to taste again flavors to which they no longer have access and which promote their flourishing, the reactivation of their memory by taste. For its part, the medical staff observed a resumption of appetite. All these observations also motivate the teams in the kitchen to develop new recipes.”

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24 Heures, 28 octobre 2009 

«Our residents find the flavors they had lost, they have more fun to eat, and this pleasure has cascading effects on their health. It is also valuable for the staff because the plates come back empty, which was not the case with chopped and mixed.

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gastro-journalGastoJournal , 22 octobre 2009

«meals remain one of the most important moments of the day in the EMS”


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